Springbank 25 Year Old Whisky

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  • Springbank 25 Year Old Whisky


Springbank 25 Year Old Whisky

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Style: Single Malt
Cask: Bourbon and Sherry casks (final port cask maturing)
Perfect with: Smokey cheese, cured meats
Region: Campbeltown, Scotland

Why You’ll Love It

There are several elements that make the Springbank distillery special. Founded in 1828, it is the oldest distillery in Scotland owned by the same family, 100% of the production process is carried out on one site, and it remains the largest private employer in Campbeltown employing over 60 people. The distillery is located in Campbeltown, a community on the Kintyre peninsula, which is just southeast of Islay. Designated a “protected locality” for Scotch whisky by the United Kingdom, this long, thin piece of land has been almost synonymous with distillation for centuries, and its fortunes have waxed and waned alongside the world’s desire for malt.

Considered Springbank's flagship, this 25 year old was matured in a combination of bourbon and sherry casks before being married in port casks for the final few months of maturation. Only 900 bottles were released.

Unlike others this bottle was created out of love and passion for the industry and a star of the night for some.

Tastes Like?

Nose: Rich and fruity with some peat influence. Red berry, apple and honeycomb notes.

Palate: Perfectly balanced palate with rich flavours of caramel, vanilla and toffee notes with hints of orange peel and liquorice

Finish: long finish with soft peaty notes

Added colouring: No
Chill filtered malt: No
Bottled: 2015
Abv: 46%
Bottle Size: 700mL