Although transferring wine into smaller portions might sound easy there's actually a bit more to it. We begin by sourcing and selecting three wines that we think best represent a particular grape or region. Then using patented technology the wine is transferred from the wine bottle to our 100mL bottles using innert gas to ensure minimum air contact and longevity of the wine. This is a similar process to what you might find in the top wineries around the world.

The WIT® bottle we use is a premium drawn glass bottle made from top-quality materials produced in Germany. Once the glass has been manufactured, it is sent in long 5-metre rods to our French glassmaker which fashions it into WIT® bottles, sold in 100mL sizes. This is a complex process requiring a high level of expertise.

Our wines are then packaged in a premium magnetic closing box and sent out with tasting notes and gift cards so you can go on which ever wine adventure you've chosen!